What partners are we looking for?

You are a blogger or YouTube product reviewer who loves creating valuable content and wants to monetize it.
Get a new source of income by creating Shopk-related content in your blog, podcast or channel.
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You are an educator, tutor or social media influencer (on TIKTOK, INS, FACEBOOK) and have an certain amount of audience.
Share ShopK products to your audience.
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You are a store owner, developer or freelancer who would like to try dropshipping business.
Let your customers and friends know about our products.
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  • Add The Products You Like To Create An Online Shop Of Your Own

    ShopK provides hot selling products at wholesale
    price, you could add your desired profit before
    you share products to platforms
  • Share the products on
    WhatsApp, Facebook,
    Tiktok and Instagram

    You can share product images and videos
    from your online store
    with your customers as easy as 1-2-3
  • Start Your Online Business
    From Home

    You don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping, it’s surprisingly hands-off!

Why choose SHopK

  • Various commodities

  • Upper quality

  • Fast logistics

  • Simple operation

  • high commission

Customer evaluation

  • Full Time ShopK Reseller

    Thank ShopK for giving us the opportunity to start our own reselling business. I can work from home and I earn more than my last normal job.
  • Housewife

    Who says a married woman can’t achieve big goals? I did, with ShopK. Today, my husband and my family believe in me more than ever. I can support my husband financially and my kids go to better school.
  • Student

    ShopK dropshipping program, it is the simplest online parttime job ever. Even a college student like me can easily handle it, and I only need to spend 1 hour using my phone to promote every day.
  • KOL

    I'm a knowledge blogger specializing in a small area of ​​knowledge, so I only have around 4000 followers. But who can’t belive that I can earn a lot with ShopK~~

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Cash on Delivery (COD) option available for Payment